How to Bust a Bale

by brightonsauce

Dry Sailor Boy

How to bust a bale

Talking about sawdust bale, properly wood shavings wrapped at factory.  Some people like a hay bale,  though my authority reigns on subject of shavings – vacuum-packed.  Think of weetabix, size of torso.  Think military training, bayonet, black cream on your cheeks, probably a charcoal cream.

Perfumed in pine variety  is a favourite scent of mine – bale scent, bale cream. Stand back, and inhale bale.

That’s not till finish line.  Imagine [then], beating at your chest; roar Tarzan, when you done it.   I’ve seen them do it.  You need a proper killer’s knife for the project,  though Swiss army may be sufficient munition.  Okay

Stand behind [your] bale,

guard duty

You commando

take out [the] knife

plunge fist

not gently

have to break skin,

impact down side


Rip bale’s throat

then slash up belly

guts spill.  Guts spill.

Not finished, really

take him by ears


and lift:

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