by brightonsauce

[or, this post will make sense later on, when I edit myself properly]

Submission is a long and lonely road.  For you I recall my 443rd submission – to the Poetry Society, Melbourne, and the silence like a deafness condition…and yet, transported across high seas

  • a square rigger carries [carries] my rejection letter.  Tragedy unfolds, a storm, the vessel is holed.  Typhoon-crazed sperm whale, his narwell rod aroused when a friction of sea waters loops his member, and he holes the vessel amidships in a great frustration, apparently.  I We see the tears of the skipper as his ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean, my rejection slip held in his two gnarly hands.  He wipes a tear with the other hand, I hope so.  A tear like your tear perhaps, your palm rested upon shiny white teeth, or your dentures?  Yes, I know I can feel your face, my grandmas, yes, incredible stretch of your brows for you to learn of my pain of rejection, I know, as  again  alone I insert calculus formula, have heard nothing from Tasmanianustralian, must insert formula upon a screen-size excel spreadsheet, an o for orator.  No, zero for your hero, me, hero and pen, metaphorically because I tap really, you see.  You may watch me – and afterwards, watch me caress damp keys with own tongue, press publish to the Wormpress with my eye, nuzzle this nozzle around qwerty awaiting tumble of stars from the edge of my writer chair.  No, stop, behave yourself, a filthy sea dog, cold water, cold water therapy.  I shall be back in a jiffy:

‘Darling, darling, waterboard me now, bathroom, my dressing gown, where is my dressing gown?’

Phew, it is all over, time to write a beginning, the middle and the end…

The point to my post was that the…

OPEN PEN ANTHOLOGY contains two of my wonderful FICTION stories, and is published tomorrow, Thursday, March 10th.  Support independent publishers, google them please, buy the book tonight, post-free – and Open Pen magazine shall flourish for a decade to come, love my loves,

All the best

Matty, quite new author/and a promoter.

An evening of Open Pen, written by me