Pond of Lifestyle

by brightonsauce

Draft on this 🙂


Spent Easter on vacation, in two barrels of wine, sleeping side by side, in our twin barrels, slurped, steamed in our wine, juiced, slumbered, a lifeguard dutied on a permanent basis.  Do not trust her with lifeguard,  I should have trusted instinct: barrel, wine, consequences catastrophic for me, living life now  in my single barrel of wine, forever alone in a wine barrel, no god it’s true..

Still, I  sip occasionally –  a Protestant, she was anglican-catholic, [lower case, and euphemism for heretic] and ghastly, how her lifeguard laughs at me,  at my  wrinkly skin, at me waving – ‘over there,’ over to their  barrel, terrible, and unbearable, his red shorts draped over wooden side, I cannot type,  feel raging, really tried, get into the new cuckold movement worldwide, the fashion everywhere I looked before, recently, don’t know why I didn’t like it then, barrel and holiday, was not enough for her, or room for the three of us, shall buy soon a new barrel on-line, probably everywhere local soon,  will work out eventually.