Talk to the bots v2

by brightonsauce

Talk to the bots v2

‘Me Misty cost one dollar fifty
surprise a range of lines,’ she said
‘Oh how I love you, Misty,’ he replied,
and feel quite the same’
Voice echoed
down the spines of a billion
plastic boxes
where digits bit and chewed his soul
scraped the last flesh from worn hotmail
sent to purchasing, their portal,
[and]breadcrumbs trailed.
‘One day honey, it won’t be long
I shall greet you
off the steps of the…plane.
May I sweetie, call you Spam?’ he said.
‘Would you believe in joy
talking one pillow?’
She remained tight-lipped
insisted he wore the new trainers
whilst his world away
two lonely tears rolled from the shiny eyes
because Hot was one of those guys.
‘Seems right now babe,
ahead of time
The only voice I hear
Is mine.’


Going to bed, work tomorrow, shnfff, found poem trawling through old comments, is nearly there, and there are some, very many others nearly there, so night night.