Dead FM

by brightonsauce

Dead FM


‘Don’t cha find the internet bums you the hell out…’
I read, I thought, ‘lonely bloke, blog bloke blogs,’ I thought.

‘Well then, you,’ I said, tapped, switched tenses, tapped, addressed the man to cheek
saying, ‘I appreciate your brand of the nasty, after my day
doused in toothpaste
it can fill the eyes when perusing webland,’ I said.
‘Eh,’ he said.
I admit, [I] gave him natch type chat, my brother.
‘Yeah, what wankers,’ I typed, a reply
or something. And maybe my donation, delivery
was crass-crossed, this time, I can do from time to time, and have done, did done it, this time,
yet this time, this then, my voice online was enveloped in voice
in a void among, greeted by other voices: or they were like voices, whispers even
palms raised, risen from the Voyager, spinning in the deepest of hyperspace:
‘Hi Limey,’ said one.
‘Gimme a wanker with mustard, please,’ said two.
‘Do bears shit in woods, buddy?’ said another three [male] voices.
Inadvertently I had stumbled,
posted into the lost web page zone of ‘KZ 101 – The Voice of North East Minnesota..!’
‘Welcome Limey,’ said webmaster. ‘Please enjoy, take a seat
whilst we consider your application –
always room for a little one more.’
I looked around, explored realm, read the bio:
discovered a dreadful poignancy, bittersweet truth about the life, for
‘Back 1991 Larry Jackson and Kid Rock Smith jumped jack, spun fantastic
the most outrageous fun times with you folks
After, KZ 101 forestalled recovery
and bankruption sister station 102
administrators closed us down in ‘99
As you all know, Kid Smith retired on prostate cancer 2012,
fought bravesome regular listeners –
join Larry to reminisce, share your memories with Larry on-line,
a laugh and a joke might raise the spirit
during these difficult times…’
Outside my window the wind blew, a white wind
and rustled the leaves of the yew tree. Branches banged on our pane. I read on:
‘Remember Larry, when you pranked NFL top running back Jock Dumbkovski?’
‘Great memories folks. You know I bumped into Jock at the crematorium
…only the other day…
….And here he comes, welcome please, (he’s) a Limey – with the weather news…’